Tuning The Nikon Settings

A bit ago I pulled the Nikon off the shelf after using the Sony camera for a couple days or so. I thought why not dig into the menu and alter some of the settings? Before this, I found a great video on the Nikon website specifically for my Z6 model. A professional photographer had a very informative thirty-minute video about how he sets up his Zed6 Nikon. This is, of course, not my first time digging around the menu system and altering its settings.

After viewing the video, I went into my Z6 and changed four of the settings to those that the professional photographer uses. I was already shooting in the camera’s P Mode which he uses. I changed the ISO mode a bit as well as the focus method and autofocus settings too. I shot some indoor photos, deleted them, and went to the backyard for these photos. The natural light is so nice to shoot in which I prefer. Howdy do, Wilson!

The weather today has been so freaking beautiful!

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    • Thanks, that’s actually how he looks. Best pet ever, sometimes he comes inside and watches TV with me from the floor haha!

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