4 thoughts on “Critters Big And Small

    • Me too, the sounds, chirps and squeaks they make are so adorable. It’s fun to watch them fight over peanuts and run each other off. 😍

    • Good morning, Lavinia. The arena is fairly new and gets lots of use. I go to this park sometimes just to see if there are any horses there and will always ask permission for a photo. The people are always friendly. A couple days ago when I was there, two young gals were riding.

      A few children with one parent showed up with squeals of delight for the horses. To my surprise, one of the riders gave two of the children a ride! That’s a serious liability isn’t it? But boy were those kids happy! The little squirrels are a delight to be around, so cute! The sounds they make are adorable too. 😍

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