Critters, Blue Sky and Home

This is a mix of recent photos for this upload. Today’s forecast is for 71 degrees with sunshine. 😎🌞🌴

6 thoughts on “Critters, Blue Sky and Home

  1. I enjoyed these LF photos today, John, espec. the mountain and blue sky scene, as well as the chipmunk?ground squirrel? photo. Beautiful photos, thank you.

    • Hi Jet, thank you! It’s a Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel, they look so much like a chipmunk but they aren’t. They are sooo sweet! 😂😍

  2. I never tire of photos of mountains and sky. That pic of the squirrels is great; I love how they seem to be circling each other. I really like the color and balance of your dining room. The bright gold splash of the polishing implements is unexpected. >>smile<<

    • They do circle each other sometimes, or come directly nose to nose as if too say Oh, I know you!

      I’m glad you like the landscapes here, so beautiful aren’t they! The dining room is my design. The paintings are expensive reprints of a woman’s paintings in California, so talented!

      The home has a desert theme throughout. 🌵

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