Westbound Summerlin Parkway

Good afternoon. I left the house fairly early today for a ride into the open desert for some landscapes, many of which have seen this space before. The adjustments I made to the Nikon yesterday sure didn’t hurt anything but the damn dust intrusion is still there in a reduced state. It doesn’t matter what I try, the dust won’t fully come out.

Gladly, the Aurora HDR application removes most of it. The rest if any can be removed with the Clone Stamp tool. Another windstorm is on the way, but I haven’t seen a substantial increase in speed yet this afternoon. Summerlin Parkway links the 215 freeway and the 95 freeway as well as many other roads in that area and has new pavement.

4 thoughts on “Westbound Summerlin Parkway

    • Yes it is, another thing about this city that I seriously love. I think it goes well with my tendency to be a bit OCD, a place for everything, everything in it’s place. Call me weird! 🤪

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