Landscapes Around Red Rock Canyon

Technically this area is due south of the canyon but you get the idea. Once again, I snapped too many photos but I also like to take a few extra photos since sometimes you think your photo is good, but it’s actually a blowout. I like to believe that I’m getting better at my hobby. If not, then I’m sure having fun regardless of screwing up! 😂🌴🌵

12 thoughts on “Landscapes Around Red Rock Canyon

  1. John what I see in your photography is the increasing use of lines which draws the viewer deep within. Love the use of the road, the fence and the lines of Red Rock themselves. Well done!

  2. These are gorgeous photos. Not a one is a ‘screw-up.’ Keep having fun! We are all benefitting from your hobby. I used to collect postcards. Loved ’em. And these are all postcard-worthy. The mountains are striking, of course; and the sky, the clouds, the fence, the joshua tree (?), and the road disappearing into the distance. High fives!

    • Thanks very much, you are so kind! The Mojave Desert is the only place where the Joshua Tree grows, they can live up to 700 years in the harsh desert environment.

    • Thanks, it’s red from millions of years of being underwater, then thrust upward. Lots of minerals making the red colors.

    • Thanks, Annelli. Where can I strike a deal with the postcard makers? They were the rage decades ago. 😊

      • The photo labs do that kind of thing. We sometimes do that for Christmas cards. Or you can make prints and glue them onto card paper. Maybe someone else has some better ideas. But your pictures are beautiful and I think they would make really nice cards.

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