The Beauty Outside My Front Door

This fruit-bearing tree on the neighbor’s property has bloomed again, right on time. I stepped out the door for some fresh air this morning and noticed the flowers again and heard the entire tree abuzz with bees busily pollinating the flowers. Such a fun sound. I used the beautiful blue sky to accentuate the range of colors beyond the flowers I intended to photograph. This tree is so photogenic, it’s amazing!

9 thoughts on “The Beauty Outside My Front Door

  1. Oh my what a treat to see these gorgeous blooms. How lucky you are to have spring springing there! Still a lot of white here but above freezing most days now.

    • Thank you! Actually, the tree grows round, red fruit of some kind. Sorry I can’t tell you for sure but when autumn comes, they rot, fall off and make a mess of my sidewalk. The birds love them, they drag the berries onto the sidewalk and eat them. Messy! But it’s still a nice tree. 😂

    • I’m sorry about that, not my intention of course! I got several nice photos of this tree last year too. Next up is the scorching temperatures. ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‚ðŸ”ĨðŸŒī

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