A Service Day

It’s already just past ten AM and I’ve got some needful things done but I have a few things to get done around the house today. I drove all the way down to Charleston Boulevard just to pressure-wash my truck tires and wheels as they are gross with road soot. Stopped by my dentist’s office to make an appointment, but they have stupid hours now thanks to the damned virus.

Last night whilst chomping on a piece of raisin bread, one of my teeth just let go, a piece popped off. Gross. Hey, here comes another dentist bill, yay! The ceiling fans need a good wiping off too and a couple other things so I gotta get down to business. Fun! These are the only photos I took along my way today, sorry that I don’t have something else to add to them. 😎

8 thoughts on “A Service Day

    • Thanks! My teeth have been again in the bum the last year or so with one cap, and one bridge! Now this… It could be worse, right!

  1. That is a cool-looking building; kind of a Disney vibe.

    Ugh. I hate dental work. Glad there’s no pain right now!

    • No pain, blessing! the buildings are called Queens Ridge, they are a big-dollar condominium complex. Some homes in there are one million-plus, a bit too much for me!

  2. I think you must have meant that it’s past 10 AM (not PM) – unless it gets dark early in LV. Sorry to hear about your tooth. I’ve had that happen and it is never fun. But thank God we have good dentists these days.

    • It won’t be fun for sure, Anneli, this dentist has already installed a Cap and a Bridge in my head. Fortunately, there is zero pain. Thanks for pointing out the oops, I’ll fix it. 😊🦷

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