South Along The Fault Line

This is such a nice view, you are looking south or southwest along a fault line which is a part of the Spring Mountains. The western slope of this ridge is accessible from Lovell Canyon which is a fairly short drive on SR160 through the Pass at Mountain Springs, Nevada. That’s a pretty darn steep climb to around 5000 feet, then you have an easy downhill run to Lovell Canyon Road where you’ll turn right. The road is about 13 miles long and dead-ends.

11 thoughts on “South Along The Fault Line

  1. You’ve captured pure peace and quiet (for me at least). Something in short supply for me living near a highway! Gorgeous.

    • Thank you so much! The nearest road is Charleston Boulevard, but a short walk away from it gives you peace and quiet. (sorry, i forgot your name). Oops.

  2. its a gorgeous capture john. I feel a sense of calm and peacefulness just looking at it. I can only imagine the feeling in person.

    • Thanks so much, Sue! If you walk away from the road, toward the escarpment, the sounds turn to all nature, not road noise from Charleston Boulevard. A soft breeze, a bird circling overhead, Prickly Pear and Buckhorn Cholla waiting to bite you. Forget about the snakes! There are lots of trails.

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