No Problem at The Dentist

As I expected, the doctor numbed my mouth real nice and proceeded to grind the bad tooth down to fit the temporary crown on. No worries, just a butt load of money, dammit! It could be worse. I hit the grocer for grub, gonna whip up a pot of my chili! I miss making and eating my chili… Here some photos from yesterday.

8 thoughts on “No Problem at The Dentist

    • Thanks! I had a nasty headache wen I got home from the incredibly loud noise in my head as the old tooth was ground down to allow the new crown to be fit. Hello Tylenol! 😂

    • Hi Anneli, the tooth technology is wonderful today. That tooth had a filling put in it in the late 70s or early 80s. There are two more that need the same work, ouch! Doctor tried to get me to have the other two done yesterday, nope!

      • I think I would have gone for it and gotten it over with, but you have to go by what you feel at the time. I agree though, dentistry is way better now than it was when we were young.

    • Thanks, there are two more located at the south entrance on Charleston Boulevard either side of the entrance road. This place also has a golf course so it must cost a huge chunk of money to buy into the neighborhood. Too rich for me!

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