The Chili Is Back

Sitting in the dentist chair staring at Wendy’s across the way, I thought why not just go get the stuff and make chili again? It’s the salt that has stopped me from making it but I’ll manage for this pot of deliciousness. I was also thinking about what I can do to improve readership on this meager blog, any ideas you might have are valued.

17 thoughts on “The Chili Is Back

  1. John, you have a nice blog. I know my own philosophy is not to post very often, but it can be hard enough to follow someone who posts daily, let alone following multiple posts in a day. There just isn’t enough of me to go around. I like to think of followers they same way I do about years in one’s life – it’s not the quantity, but the quality of those years lived. Those are my thoughts.

    My favorites from your site are the nature photography, mountains, scenery and strangely enough it may seem, electronics, especially old radios.

    • Lavinia, thank you for your honest opinion, I really appreciate you. I will certainly admit that I do upload five or so times per day, roughly every 2.5 to three hours apart. That space was once much less but I’ve changed it. I think the reason I do this is that honestly, there’s not much else to do around here.

      I no longer have a huge yard or acreage to care for as an example. With my Instagram account gone, I have more time to do other things, have to find them though! Perhaps twice per day would be best for my followers, instead of doing a ‘photo dump’, right?

      • I have the opposite condition of having too many things to do, and never enough time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Whatever feels right to you in terms of posting is what you should do. I’ll drop in as I am able. I do enjoy the radio equipment posts a much as the wildlife and scenery.

        I can count on one hand the blogs of the people who post daily that I am *mostly* able to keep up with. The rest I have had to turn off email notification or set it to “weekly” so my mailbox does not get overrun. WP also penalizes too many “likes” in a day, and I can end up in multiple spam buckets, and then have to find some way to contact those individuals to fish me out.

  2. I think readership or Followers on here is all about interest. I like your animal, nature and people pics, as well as, how you and others live. For others, it might be more the lighting, photography element.

    • Interesting thoughts, thank you! I try to break up the subjects like this and hope it’s more interesting to folks. Not being a pro photographer allows my photos to not have to be so perfect every time.

  3. Yum I love chili so much! I guess what helps me with readership more than anything is using the correct tags.

    • Thanks, Pooja! I just had a taste, so far so delicious, I have around 55 tags and categories. I hope these are enough. I just can’t come up with other content to talk about vs just posting photos.

      • Do you use all the tags on each post because that may be the issue- WP only allows 15 and if you add more your posts won’t show up on the Reader which will decrease your reach.

        • I use 5, maybe 8 of each per post, not all the time. That’s a bit harsh isn’t it? 15? By the way, my Instagram was hacked, I can’t fully recover the account. Tried everything I can find online to restore it so it looks like my IG days are over. Sucks.

            • It flat out sucks. The account was hacked, zero doubt in my mind.

              I’ve spent hours today and yesterday trying to recover it. It’s so weird that I did actually get back into the account, yet the feed will not refresh, yet other features work.

              I’m asked to add my photo, make a first post and other crap. The IG system says that a code was sent to my device to verify my ownership of the account, yet that code never comes. Never, ever.

              At this point, the account is basically dead because of evil people. Not so sure I’ll open another account either because of some very nasty things I’ve read about the platform today. And, it’s a major time-suck. And more but Ill spare you the details, Anita.

              I have considered trying other platforms such as Flicker and the like since IG used to be about photography, but the addition of Stories which I never used, never would, have taken away from the original idea of IG as a photography platform. Uuuugh!

          • Oh wow that sucks. Have you tried contacting Instagram? Mine got hacked once but they helped me change my password and now it’s fine. Also sometimes they assume it’s hacked if there’s too much activity on the account and log you out themselves.

            • I did send an email after filling out a form. I also tried things I know to do and other things I found online to no avail. At this point, it’s gone, I may try another photo platform now that isn’t owned by the evil Facebook.

              • Wow that is absolutely awful. Let me know what platform you try out I would love to follow you there. Have you thought about Pinterest? That would help increase your readers on your blog too since you can connect your blog posts to your Pinterest posts. I get a lot of traffic from there.

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