Various Photos and A Hack Job

Good morning, folks. I wasn’t going to upload anything today, but I am aggravated. Aggravated because my Instagram account was hacked yesterday, and I can’t seem to recover the account yet. I’ll try later. But is it worth the hassle? I’ve been on Instagram for three or so years now and have ‘friends’ there too as I do here with you.

Here are two things about Instagram that I seriously despise – The sad fact that it is now owned by that evil, piece of crap Facebook. I more than detest Facebook. Since its purchase, the platform has become a hive of bullshit ads, all of the same ads that you see on your television. Every fourth or so thing that you see in your feed is another damned advertisement. Music blaring, they make me jump in my seat. More garbage that I don’t want.

Further, I am so damn tired of the Follow/Unfollow game. Being a private account, I let some folks through the electronic gate, only to see them unfollow not long after. Why? What purpose does this serve? I don’t play that game, I’m not just another asshole on Instagram looking to build my numbers at any cost.

Should I try to recover the damned account!

Moving along, I tried a sky photo last night, placing the Nikon on the ground and letting the camera take a long exposure. Did it work? Sort of. The clouds up there remind me of a Milkyway photo done by a professional. The goofy photo of the MacBook was taken while it was installing the latest version of the Big Sur operating system.

I have an appointment at nine today with the dentist to see what can be done with the broken tooth in my head. My teeth have been a pain in the ass last year and now in 2021. It’s annoying and very costly since I don’t have dental coverage but can you put a price on having healthy teeth? Bad teeth can actually cause heart disease!

4 thoughts on “Various Photos and A Hack Job

  1. IMHO, the time, energy, and aggravation involved in trying to recover a lost account at Instagrab is not worth it. But then, I have no idea what you may have lost there. I recently detoxed myself a bit from Facebomb. For a few years I was all about checking in there and posting stuff like crazy. I realized, among other things, what a time sink it is. So, I went back through my ‘albums’ and made sure I have a copy of everything, and more or less mostly ‘walked away.’

    Anyway, what a pain. I hope your aggravation eases, and as for those teeth… I’m rooting for you! haha.

    Oh, and today’s collection of photos is a fun diversity! “Young at Heart” – oh, yeah, babe.

    • A great comment, thank you! Instagram is indeed a huge time sink! All that was lost are several online friends and over 8000 posts. Nothing important really. It just pisses me off that there are people who believe that this is OK. Well, what comes around goes around.

  2. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram (probably others too) are big collectors of human behavior… They get all these data free in exchange for (what we experience as) a bit of “fun”. My activity on FB has never been intense but I still have an account, as well as for Instagram. Untill now no problem but we must be aware of the fact that data can be sold and accounts can be hacked…. If so, I can live with less “fun”. I much more like the system of blog like we hare here.
    All the best with your teeth 🙂

    • Thank you for your thoughts on this hacking thing, I appreciate it. I have tried several times this morning to recover the account. Each time, the system fails to send me the four-digit code that will let me access the account. So frustrating. Apparently the account is lost. Makes me kind of made, but gladly, this is an avocation where nothing truly valuable was lost…

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