A Cloudy Beginning

So began my day at 5:45 AM. The sun managed to pop out for the moment yet the winds are back again, this is life in the Mojave Desert. The photo of the Rock Pigeons was taken in a parking lot that I’ve posted before, I still have no clue why these birds flock in this spot apparently every day. It may have something to do with folks like me who tossed a handful of unsalted peanuts out for them as I went from and back to my truck.

I know, shame on me using peanuts! At least it isn’t bread. I need to visit the local nursery to pick up a back of proper seeds for them and those adorable Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels at Calico Basin.

About my hacked Instagram account, it’s basically gone. Instagram isn’t sending me the code to regain access, why I have no clue but I’m not happy about this. But it’s not ruining my day either. Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time researching the pros and cons of Instagram, and the experiences that others have had both with hacked and not-hacked accounts.

I have to say that I was very surprised to find out that many people are turning their backs on this platform for many reasons including, of course, the hacking problem. The system isn’t secure enough, and is owned by the evil Facebook seems to also be having an effect on people’s opinion of Instagram.

Others have noticed that when Stories was introduced in 2016, the number of photos being added to people’s feeds was starting to diminish as they have opted to put more effort into their Stories. Not me, IG will always be a photography platform. I’m not considering opening a fresh account on Instagram. Mostly because of being owned by Facebook which has always made me feel a little twitchy.

I detest Facebook. What have they stolen from me in terms of photos, knowledge of who I am, and so on? I am thinking about other photography platforms, gladly, there are several to choose from actually.

8 thoughts on “A Cloudy Beginning

  1. Ha! Beware the hungry pigeon mob (sounds like a hip-hop collective)!

    Surprisingly, there are many lakes near us. I think most of them are man-made to provide water for irrigation, and some in the mountains for hydro-electric.

    • And one of those is where we likely were racing back in the day. Sadly, I saw one drive die on that course, the Blowers weren’t strapped down in those days. The engine had a catastrophic failure which sent the blower of of the intake and forward toward the drive. He was decapitated. So sick and sad.

  2. We had a good rain here last night (Fresno). But the sun is (mostly) out now.

    Those pigeons – know where to expect some handouts, eh?

    Let’s hope WordPress remains viable!

    • Ah, your in the San Joaquin Valley! I was there in the 1980s with my dad, we were racing drag boats somewhere around Fresno.

      No rain here, but I’ve seen the satellite view showing a large low pressure system coming ashore down there. Just windy and on/off sunshine today and cool weather.

      Every single pigeon flew to where the peanuts were, a mass attack on peanuts!

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