Photo Fun with iPhone Photo Applications

Man oh man have I been bored all day! A short joyride broke it up a bit but not enough. I thought why not grab the iPhone and take some random photos around the home and drop them in my photo apps on the MacBook. What apps are on the phone? Pro Camera, the stock camera app for the device, and Lenka for strictly black and white photos. Just for fun on a gray, dark, and cool day. I hope you have some happy sunshine where you are!

At a McDeath drive-thru this morning (i eat that shit very rarely), both lanes were very busy as it was not too far from noon. A woman in the car ahead of me was obviously deeply involved in something on – you guessed it, her phone. She should just glue the damn thing to her face! I noticed that the cars ahead of here were more than a car length at least, yet she couldn’t pull herself from that phone.

I didn’t want to blast her with the real horn that my truck has, not a squeaker like in those foreign cars, so I shouted out the window saying “can you move up!” She had the Gaul to give me a shitty look. Back at ya, wench. So rude. People in this city can be so terribly rude and arrogant at times and I’m frankly sick to death of people like her.

Younger folk today were not taught by their parents to have manners, so it seems. It’s not nearly enough to have me decide to move back up north to the crappy Michigan weather though. I really like this place, sans the asswipes!

In other very interesting news today haha, I received yet another spam call today. They are becoming more frequent recently, hello, Block List! The calls are usually about an expired warranty on my vehicle, but this time I was told by a robotic voice that my Social Security is soon to be canceled! What? The government simply does not make calls like this and how sad is it that some people actually fall for this scam.

I received an actual call from my dad down in Florida a bit ago, we had a nice chat, talked about his heading home to Michigan next month and about the vaccine. His shots were two weeks ago and he feels fine, yay! I’m still waiting… I mentioned the spam call about Social Security, and guess what? He received the very same call today!

I mentioned that if the damn government wants to do something good for we the people for a change, how about tracking some of these turds down and stomping them out? My sister has also received this same call. One thing is for damn sure, the freaking viral pandemic has not put one tiny dent in the evil things that some human beings do.

6 thoughts on “Photo Fun with iPhone Photo Applications

  1. Loving the creativity of those palm tree shots John. amazing how a different perspective changes things. also interesting how the black and white brings out the texture so well.
    We get some of those SPAM calls as well. When I have the energy I launch into a ‘motherly’ lambasting of asking them how they can sleep at night preying on older people. I go on and on asking how their family feels about them making a living hurting others and involved in illegal activity. The reactions vary from hang ups to absolute silence to full on confessions. Mostly I just don’t answer if I don’t recognize the number.

    • I have to say wow! I love your reaction to these creeps, you are amazing and 100% percent correct. No spam calls yet today, but it’s just ten AM… How many times do these idiots think they can attempt to scam me on my tuck warranty? It’s been out of warranty for at least three years. And cold-calling people to say that their SS is about to be voided? They need a permanent prison cell.

  2. There is a service called NoMoRobo which seems to work pretty well. Spammers that do get through can also spoof phone numbers, so you may end up blocking legitimate and harmless people. It is real problem. Tackling it takes time, expertise and tax dollars.

    • I may have seen that somewhere but I keep on blocking them once or twice per day. I just can’t understand a mind that believes this is OK. Sick minds.

    • No, just an ad block for surfing. When they try to fool me again, I just put the phone number on the block list, all done. I’d like to smack the chit outta these people… Go get a real job. 🤬

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