A Late Afternoon Sky

Here are some scenes from late today using the Nikon and the Sony RX100 Mark Seven. I don’t know for sure, but the peaks with a bit of snow must be around 3000 feet or more to keep the snow sticking up there. They are foothills in my opinion since there are two mountains far beyond that are just barely under 12,000 feet, Fletcher Peak and Mount Charleston. I will be happy to see this low-pressure system get the heck out of here. 😎🎉

7 thoughts on “A Late Afternoon Sky

  1. That blossoming tree is fabulous, and I truly love that photo of the palm tree with the snow-dusted mountains in the background. And such dramatic clouds.

    • Thanks so much, Jet. This is the view at the end of my street looking west. I hope this cold front leaves soon!

    • Thanks, the blossoms seem to have turned pink in my colorblind eyes. Maybe it’s the gray sky. I was on the way to the party store and stopped in the alley for the moody shots. Still raining on and off tonight, good news!

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