A Rainy Night In Las Vegas

The sky dropped rain on the city yesterday on-and-off through the day. It was raining when I hit the sack last night and it was still raining when I awoke at 5:45 this morning. And it’s still raining as I type these words, the rain tapping on my dining room skylight is a pleasant sound. A sound I rarely heard here in the Mojave Desert.

A reminder of where I come from where rain is a frequent visitor. I captured the icy scene in my backyard yesterday afternoon as small hailstones tapped on the skylight which makes a very different sound than does the rain.

I feel a bit lonely this morning. Living by yourself isn’t a lifestyle for everyone, usually, I am fine yet the rain also can augment that feeling of being cut off from the family. This feeling never stays around long, the day is young.

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    • Yes indeed, thanks for the reminder, Anneli.

      When this cold front passes and if it warms enough, I need to take a walk off-trail for some photos. I know just where to go too. There’s a great place for this along SR160 just before you climb up the pass to Mountain Springs.

      Another place is along Charleston Boulevard between the road and the fault line. The is so much nothing in these areas, perfect. 😍🌡

      • I remember driving past northern Baja’s desert and noticing so many flowers after a big rain. Same thing happened at Picacho Peak in Arizona and people flocked to that place to see the desert in bloom, right around this time of year. I hope you get to see some of those post-desert-rain flowers.

        • I almost missed your comment. I’ve seen this desert in bloom before but not recently. I better head out of town when this low pressure system gets the heck outta the desert. Great photo ops! I didn’t know you guys have been down here that much, come on back! 🌡🌞

  1. John I think the weather can certainly have an effect on our mood. Dull weather often does that for me as well. I imagine the rain is welcome in the general sense for the area?

    • Oh yes, I wish it would rain enough to fill Lake Mead up to full pond! I’m still used to the gray in some odd way though. I guess 50+ years under it has me pretty well trained. Yet, it’s warm and comfy on my couch potato couch. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬πŸŒ©

  2. If it can comfort you John, here too we sit for a few days with rain and wind. You do not have the tendency to go outside, which means that your personal contacts are even more limited …. But we are here to support you through our blog πŸ™‚

    • Awww thanks so much! I didn’t mean to come across as miserable, sorry. Just terribly bored, I’m putting together some photos for a new post just now, they are just photos from around the house. How bored am I?? πŸ˜‚ It could be worse. 🌞🀩

  3. Hail! That is something we dread during growing season. It can really set us back.

    I am glad you are able to reach out to your father and family via phone. Never as good as being there, but sometimes it is all we have.

    • Yep, it’s all we have. I hope to meet up with everyone in June back in Michigan, I need that vaccine! The hailstones were small, I’ve seen some whoppers back home that will damage you and your home, car… I once experienced a hailstorm while inside a large steel building. I actually had to cover my ears as the sound was incredibly loud!

    • That’s a great post, thanks for the link.

      I have been married, divorced three times in my life, number three was the last time. I’ve lived by myself for many years on and off so it was easy to slip back into the single life. Very easy. I find now that marriage makes me feel very trapped, no thanks.

          • LOL. Yeah… I am not single… and I definitely have the opposite of ‘the jingle’! Dust and cobwebs in my wallet. πŸ˜‰

              • No. Not a jerk. Just real. Our son recently moved back in with us. He has been married and divorced three times. His basic attitude on these subjects is similar to yours it seems.

                • Wow, I’m sorry that your son has also had to deal with this very painful and costly situation. Give him a big hug, dude. I’ve dealt with it, it’s all behind me now so I’m at peace but you still carry the sorrow and a little bitterness. Too bad that we can’t be like a hard-drive and simply delete the files.

                  • Yes, seems like it would be nice to be able to truly forget – delete the files as you say; oddly enough even with a hard drive ‘deleted files’ are still there, just compressed and hidden behind digital partitions.

                    • Hey that’s right! Thanks for the clarification.

                      Funny thing is that I remember using those spinning hard discs, but have used SSD drives exclusively for years now.

                      Much faster and more reliable. When was the last time you had an actual Tower beside your desk? Been years for me.

                    • Yes, years for me, too; although the most recent desktop I used in my work office had a small “tower” CPU. It was replaced a couple of weeks ago with a laptop and “docking station.” For at home I have had exclusively laptop for… about six years.

  4. We had thunderstorms the other day, which is rare for us, too.

    Hopefully, your commenters provide a small salve to the loneliness? Still never as good as being face to face with family and friends.

    • I really enjoy chatting in this space with my followers, so many really nice people. Our family Christmas was moved to June of this year, I hope we can all finally gather again in Michigan. I miss hugging my babies, dad and sister!

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