Last Landscapes

One photo has three different versions which show a different mood. I could get more of these today as it’s still raining and gray, but I never drive on the wet roads. These people can’t even drive on a wet road, I’d like to see them try driving on a slick Michigan winter road, ha! Since it rains so little here, the roads have ample time to collect engine oils, grease, or anything else that could add to the slick road surface. When it rains, the sirens always follow.

16 thoughts on “Last Landscapes

  1. It’s so hard in most cases to ID from a long distance. The layering seems to indicate sedimentary rocks but there could be some volcanic deposits in a series of sediment deposits. Wish I was there to get close. Have you looked into geologic maps of the area? They’re full of information including rock type, fault and fold details, with color coding. As much as you love the landscape you’d get a lot out of some area geologic maps. 🏔🌋🗻

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