An Impromptu Visit

This morning I headed south to pick up some needed medications, as I passed Alta Drive I saw the Queens Ridge towers to my west. Tivoli Village Is just before the towers, I thought why not stop by Tivoli Village again? I am really glad that I did stop in because the sky is so beautiful today, and flooded with the beautiful natural light that I love to shoot photos in. I also had a few really nice chats with store owners and other patrons too, so many nice people!

When I get to shooting photos at certain venues, I just get snap happy and end up with something like 1.5Gig of photos on the SD card. Nope, not this time, I cut myself off at just thirty-eight photos! This means less processing time for me, and much less boredom for you my wonderful follower having to deal with my photographic obsession. Hey, I’m just kidding you, thanks for viewing! This set has processed really beautifully so far.

These photos are actually sharper than what you see, thanks to WordPress…

6 thoughts on “An Impromptu Visit

  1. These are lovely, so colourful and they look sharp to me. 😊 I don’t know if it’s just my device but there’s no separation between each photo and I think it would be a nice showcase for each one to have a space between the others. I hadn’t heard of Tivoli it looks so interesting.

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