Well, once again I am out of new photos for the blog so out comes the trusty Lacie external SSD to the rescue. The train photos were taken near the fifteen freeway several miles north of Las Vegas. They are grainy, I’ve tried to clean up each photo as best I can. They were taken with the old Nikon D3300 body. It’s the same thing with the photos taken along the Las Vegas Strip too. One day I realised just how creepy clowns actually are. I wonder how many children have freaked out while staying at Circus Circus! Did you see Killer Klowns from Outer Space?

3 thoughts on “Oldies

  1. Are that twoo container one above the other on the reain wagons ? This is something that’s impossible here in our country…. the bridges over the railways are to low and the trains would not fit on the electrified tracs.

    • Hi, thanks for asking. The stacked cars are called Intermodal when shipping containers are stacked like this, very common here. I’ve never seen electric rails here or in Michigan, they seem to be limited too cities.

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