An Impromptu Visit, Three

Here is the next set of photos from yesterday, I hope you like them. I wish each of you a wonderful new week, full of positivity and good health. This virus situation is slowly being contained and I believe that this year will see this terrible situation come to a swift end.

Today brings sunshine and 64 degrees with a wind advisory until noon today, it could be much worse! We could have 25 inches of snow and ten below. Wow, the wind is really ripping out there!

4 thoughts on “An Impromptu Visit, Three

  1. glad to hear the virus is getting contained John. Here in the UK the vaccine program is steaming along while the rest of Europe sadly seem to be dragging their feet. Vaccination is the only way out and as always i hope you get your long awaited freedom soon. I heard somewhere that Biden is looking to open the whole country on Independence Day. That really would give new meaning to July 4th.

    • Thank you, Ian. It does seem to be rolling along nicely in Las Vegas, I’m still waiting for the 60+ group which is me, they are at 65+ still.

      Honestly, I never watch the ‘news’. I can’t trust anything any of these groups have to say. I didn’t vote for Biden and will never trust this guy.

      Opening the country up? How can this guy say that since nobody truly knows what the situation will be on our independence day? There are times that I wish I lived elsewhere due to the sickening politics here, yet this crap is everywhere. Maybe the United Kingdom which my genes tell me I came from! 😎🇬🇧

        • Well, in one guy’s view, he’s a hard-left liberal that doesn’t truly love his country, rather , he wants to tell us all how to run our lives. Ask a different Conservative, you’ll get a different answer. They tried to potray President Trump as the devil, incarnate.

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