Oops, My Mistake!

These are the final six which I found hiding in a different folder. These are some darn nice photos if I may say, I just can’t seem to eliminate the lens boogers as I not so affectionally call them… Time for another joyride!


8 thoughts on “Oops, My Mistake!

  1. I love that art is wherever we look, really – nature, landscaping, architecture, sculpture, murals, grafitti… nearly endless.

  2. You could clean your sensor to prevent them reoccuring, and you can use the heal tool in your processing software to get rid of them after the event. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ve done the best I know to keep the sensor and lenses clean and have used the Cleaning tool in the camera fairly often. Honestly, I am not fully familiar with all of my software on the Mac. There never seems to be a pro handy to teach me how to use everything!

        • I have watched several videos on my specific Nikon, but none on YT, I really dislike them. I’ll try searching YT for some cleaning video, thanks. Years ago, I was a YT fanatic, had my own channel.

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