Recent Eats and Fun With Photography

I am not a fan of this time change nonsense even though time itself hasn’t been altered. We lose an hour of wonderful sleep, humans seem to love those hours when we are disconnected from the world, very deeply. Yesterday I got to work messing up one photo with lots of overprocessing, I hope you like it, haha.

I tried a slightly different set of ingredients in my next batch of chili and wow, it’s really good! Sunshine and 62 is forecast for the valley today and  77 degrees this Thursday which sounds great!

9 thoughts on “Recent Eats and Fun With Photography

  1. I like them all, the over processing one works well, a bit ‘Hammer Horror’. The potatoes look yummy as does the chilli, and I am envious of your sunshine and temperatures.

    • Thanks so much, It took some time to convert the horror photo. I do like the climate here so much which is why I’ve stayed here 8 years now. Better than -10F !

  2. Great photos! I really like that “overprocessed” one. The food looks delicious, too.

    I agree about the time changes. I hope we get over it pretty soon. I grumble about it twice a year!

    • Thank you! There is no viable reason why the time change happens today. States like Arizona do not participate in this crap. Smart!

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