Cowboys and War Heroes

I’ve pulled some old photos again for the blog today since it’s another day on the couch. The cowboy photo is an iPhone image from a local car dealership that was replacing a broken part on the truck door. I had to have this done twice as one of our lovely windstorms had ripped the door from my hand and flew open too hard for the plastic bit to handle. Note to truck manufacturers, you can’t use plastic for everything!

The two war hero photos were taken at the Ranger Station along Kyle Canyon Road on the way up to Mount Charleston. It’s a nice building with the usual touristy odds and ends for sale. Outdoors is this memorial, and a couple other items honouring these war heroes. Thank you for your service, I honour you and yours.

The milage sign was obviously taken well outside of Las Vegas Valley. I may be wrong, but I think this is north of Las Vegas, southbound on the ninety-five freeway. How about another day trip, wanna ride along with me?