10 thoughts on “How Very Prophetic

    • They must smell like rubber, just a guess. You must remember the war rather well then, in spite of being so young.

  1. What a wondeful find. We can learn so much form history, photopraphic or other wise if we’d simply look. I am so soory for the state of out nation. I swore to protect and defend — but I failed.

    • Hi Tom. Yes we can learn from the past, but it seems that too many of us apparently just never learn in my view.

      I’ve gathered that you served our country from your comments and seeing you visiting GP Cox’ pages.

      Thanks so much, sir. 🇺🇸

      I too am so sorry about our country. This country is simply not the America I remember and grew up in. A long story shortened, I believe that the evil one is hard at work to destroy this country. You did your very best when you were enlisted I am sure, Tom. What is happening today is just not your fault, my friend.

    • I agree, Anneli. That stuff is so terrible and wicked. Based on my knowledge of human history, it appears that humankind will simply never learn to stop being an aggressor specie. Our violent tendencies are prevalent as a kind of theme throughout the ages. And why?

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