Yesterday’s View

This is a familiar view for some of you who’ve followed the blog for a while, apologies for the redundant view. What are your plans for the day that’s already underway? My plans are to be a couch potato as much as possible, except for a possible joyride…

6 thoughts on “Yesterday’s View

  1. You’re very lucky to have good weather most of the time. I do remember that in the summer it’s almost too hot to go out, so maybe you should go for a little walk while you can. Take your camera and go visit your ground squirrels. That would be a very nice way to spend the day.

    • Yes, in summer it’s not a good idea for me to be out too long considering the heart condition. I do take walks around my little neighborhood. A visit to Calico Basin and those cute squirrels is a fairly long ride. If there were no air conditioning, I sincerely believe the population here would be much less.

        • Thanks, it did briefly last summer, I found out almost right away what the trouble was. On top of the outside unit, the fan motor had seized up from years of desert dust.

          A relatively cheap repair for which I have a certain company I use. I just hope this old system can pull through another brutally hot season. The house got up to 90F by the time the fan was repaired, so uncomfortable, I was actually feeling just a bit ill and took cool showers to compensate.

          Thank God for Hoover Dam, and knowledgeable repair people. 😎🔥🌴🌵

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