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Over the last few days, it has come to my attention that some of you are having difficulty posting your comments to this blog. I apologise for these problems, friends. Honestly, I have no idea what could be causing these problems. Several weeks ago, I purchased the Business Plan which is ridiculously priced, but there are some nice advantages and upgrades too. Using my iPad and iPhone, I see no issues with how the site loads up and does so very quickly.

Please leave me a comment about this should you have any problems, I will appreciate that. Just one other thing I want to add to this space. Are you a Twitter user? I recently set up a Twitter account and have made maybe three tweets to the account. My problem with Twitter is the way the platform is set up. I find the entire system very confusing and just a mash of stuff thrown onto a web page. The tutorials I’ve seen don’t really help me much…

That said, I’m not so sure I will continue to use Twitter. Other than Las Vegas Photoblog, my only other social media platform has been Instagram for at least three years, I have plenty of online friends there, some of which I also follow on WordPress. All of this came about from my IG account being recently hacked. Gladly, I was eventually able to recover the account still intact. I have over 8000 posts on Instagram too which is a sizeable investment.

This is a rather big investment in my photography hobby and time. The biggest thing I dislike about Instagram is the bloody advertising. Every fourth or so account you pass, wham, another ad. I remember the days before the evil Facebook purchased Instagram, such a damn shame because of the ads, and because I have never used Facebook and never will so this puts me in a situation. But what can any Instagram user do, other than not use the platform?

Here are two Sony RX100-7 photos from yesterday.

18 thoughts on “Commenting Issues

    • I’m glad that you can comment now, but I don’t know what has stopped you, sorry about this, Derrick. I deleted that twitter account, it’s just too strange and difficult to use.

    • Have you tried Instagram? I have much more follower interaction there than here. And over 8000 posts too.

    • Thanks so much, Lavinia, you are so sweet. 😊❀️ This hobby has been a very positive experience, more so since the virus came along. It centers me you could say. 😎

  1. I used to have FB but got off 5 or so years ago. Too much nastiness. WP is enough for me. I know Twitter users who like it okay but tend to get addicted. Photography is a very worthy hobby and your photos are no exception! Those blue skies are really gorgeous. πŸ™‚

    • Wow, thank you very much! I really appreciate your kindness. I’ve heard of nasty stuff on FB, and lots of censorship too as on Twitter. I have tons of fun on IG, have followers around the globe, some are folks I follow here. Two media platforms are enough, sorry Twitter! πŸ˜‚ Nah, not sorry…

  2. Wonderful photos! I have been on twitter for a while and really have trouble growing. I send updates on my photography through there and the weekly blog post but never really get views/likes/comments. Sadly twitter is super complicated, and I find that spending time on Instagram is a lot more beneficial and rewarding.

    • Hi! I see we think alike about Twitter. I deleted the account a few minutes ago. It’s very confusing, it has to be the most difficult platform to use, and I’ve tried plenty of them. I too feel as though it’s a waste of time.

      Photos on this blog usually appear first, then I move them to IG via my Dropbox Cloud. So simple, and I honestly get far more views and comments on IG than this meager blog… Anneli had a great comment on Twitter, I really apprecite her very honest thoughts on Twitter.

  3. I wouldn’t bother with Twitter, John. You’ll just get kicked off. Cancel culture, you know? You tend to say what you think and apparently that’s not allowed anymore.

    • Really? I am a total noob at Twitter, and wouldn’t know this stuff. Apparently, You’ve had trouble with them. I completely get the Cancel Culture. I am 100% sure that many of my comments on advertisements on Instagram have been removed.

      Detestable ads by greedy people that take away a bit of the enjoyment of Instagram but it’s still for me, much better so far than Twitter. Thanks so much for your thoughts, Anneli. 😍

      I was lucky to have recovered my IG account.

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