18 thoughts on “Then And Now, Now And Then

    • Ho, thanks! Everyone likes that photo. I’ve got history at this old depot, it’s a Canadian National depot, I was a serious train spotter in the 90s, my kids and I liked to hand around there and watch the huge trains blast by at track speed which is 79MPH.

    • Thanks very much! I am very fond of that barn and property, it’s my parents’ home in Michigan. The railway is the Canadian National Railway which runs into west Michigan, and to Toronto, Ontario.

    • Hi Anneli, I’m doing it again. I hope that June brings a flight home! I’m gonna hug my adult babies so tight, LOL! And dad and sister and… ❤️ I hope your weekend has been good up there. 😎🇨🇦

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I will always be trapped between the two it seems. This won’t be so difficult once it’s safer to fly again. I hope to see the family in June back in Michigan for the delayed Christmas party. Christmas without snow is fine by me! I like it here too much to move back at this point. I hope your weekend has been great! 😊🌴

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