Christmas, 2019

This morning I’ve pulled some photos from deep inside the archive. Are you a deer hunter? Neither am I, but my dad has hunted since he was a boy. There are several deer on his office walls. That cloudy Michigan sky was taken along the road I used to live on, and don’t I look so handsome going for the Nikon selfie! I flipped the image since it was backward in the mirror. Have a great week, friends!

8 thoughts on “Christmas, 2019

  1. Not into hunting, but I grew up surrounded by hunters and have a healthy respect for the attainment of your own food as opposed to purchasing meat from grocery stores. Our politics are not aligned John, but I suspect in this regard and maybe some others, there’s some overlap. As is true with most people even though in this era we are represented as ONE or the OTHER. In any case, these are nice shots and I think being compared to Vivian Maier is an awesome compliment. 🙂

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