Don’t Touch Me!

This California Barrel Cactus has a wonderful defense system, you don’t dare touch it! This is an iPhone photo from a short walk this afternoon in my neighborhood. Another sunny, warm, and blue sky day.😎

12 thoughts on “Don’t Touch Me!

    • Thanks Kathleen Jeannette. I plan to head out of town as soon as I get a couple things out of the way, for some blooming plant photos if I get lucky. The cacti have beautiful flowers as are some of the wild flowers out there.

    • Thank you again, Derrick! This beauty is in a neighbor’s yard near my place. Or should I say ‘neighbour’s’? 😎🇬🇧

    • Thanks! I plan to take a ride outside the city to hunt for flowering cacti and other plants soon since spring is springing in the Mojave Desert again. Those cactus are insanely dangerous in my view. Nope! 😂🌵

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