Double Whammy at The Dentist Today

I had an appointment for a cleaning this morning, but the new crown for one of my teeth was also there so just before the cleaning, the doctor came in and cemented the permanent crown in place. Good fit, all done. The cleaning went well too, I really like the professionalism of this office.

Here are some Nikon photos that were taken on the way to and from the office with the 24/70mm Nikkor lens. As predicted by the weather service, there were spotty showers around the valley, you can see the different cells around you easily with the lack of heavy forest woods around you. My ride didn’t get dorty though, yes!

7 thoughts on “Double Whammy at The Dentist Today

    • We dearly need more rain, all we get are squalls, nothing that can dump a seriously huge amount of water into Lake Mead. The snow in the Rockies apparently hasn’t been enough to help the lake refill. I would love to see the lake at Full Pond!

    • Thank you, Anneli, I’m glad that is over. The hygienist told me that I better get after cleaning under the bridge since food can get stuck under it. Yuck. I didn’t know it could happen but it makes sense so she gave me some plastic thread-link device to pull the floss under the bridge to clean the gums under it. Yuck! 😣

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