Always A Trekker

Are you a Star Trekker? Do you remember the original series and the original characters? Have you set on the bedroom floor munching something while watching your favorite characters perform in black and white? And wow, did I just date myself! I admit to being a full-fledged Star Trek junkie through and through and I’m damn proud of it!

πŸ––πŸ»Live long and prosper, my friends.πŸ––πŸ»

12 thoughts on “Always A Trekker

    • That’s a very nice tribute, Boromax. He was and will be remembered always with great fondness. Star Trek has always been a positive part of my life.

      At 60 years young, I still love the series because for me it represents how the human spirit longs to be free and to explore everything. I noticed that the tribute is on Blogger.

      I used blogger years ago until WP came along.

      • Yes, Blogger is where I began experimenting with blogging many years ago. I ended up with I think eight different blogs there. A couple of them never really went anywhere, but a few still have some decent content. I created my blog on WP as a test for my job at the time, so the first few posts are essentially oddball hoo-hah. “Trivial Music Silliness” has evolved quite a bit over the years, though; to the point that I should probably rename it. But I kind of like the ‘silly’ aspect of it. πŸ˜‰

        • I too began on Blogger but found it wasn’t adequate as my experience increased. Blogger does have one or two nice things about it but WP is much better in my view.

          I have the Business plan now which is nice as you can use plugins, there are several of them in use on this blog. I say rename your blog, and change the theme. Your theme may be deprecated, if you change it, you’ll not be able to get it back, that happened to me once. I

          can upload any theme for WP, but can’t find one yet that I like better than the current theme.

              • Yes, and it is a good suggestion! I just… kind of… have an irrational fondness for the name of the blog even though it is not a precise “normal” description of the content. It’s all very philosophical along the lines of “nothing is really trivial,” “everything is music,” and “life is not life without silliness.” So, yeah. The visual theme could use some tweaking, though, for sure. πŸ™‚

                Have you been getting notifications of new posts?

                • I understand what you mean. No, still not getting notifications, sorry about this. I’ll try to visit anyway.

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