Food and Fireworks

Why food and fireworks? Because I have nothing better for you this morning! The weather here still continues to amaze me even after eight years. The current windstorm has been raging all night long, each time I woke up briefly, I look outside at the top of the palm tree and see the fronds being whipped around fiercely.

How can these trees survive the constant pounding of these storms when they can blast up to 65 miles per hour? I keep thinking about that vaccine shot tomorrow morning. Am I fearful? Yes. These vaccines haven’t had the same kind of trials that vaccines normally get before being made available to the public and that bothers me.

But I will go ahead and take both courses of the vaccine and pray that I’ll live to see another sweltering summer here and of course my family soon I hope. The smeared fireworks photo is from July 4th, 2020 in my backyard, oops. And the redundant Strip photo is from several days ago via the Sony RX100. Happy Wednesday my friends!

2 thoughts on “Food and Fireworks

  1. Wow, You got an appointment fast! Mine is on Monday for the first. Be sure to share how you feel afterwards. This wind is really annoying and wreaking havoc with my sinuses.

    • I sure did, and I am grateful for it. This new windstorm as I call them has been a serious *******!! I got up a couple times last night, wow! My palm trees are getting the chit whooped out of them. Gladly there are fewer in summer, I hope your sinus feels better. If it is dry, maybe an OTC moisture spray could help?

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