Calico Basin Cuties

After receiving my first dose of the Covid vaccine this morning, I headed west out of the city for some photos. It was overcast which is not my favored lighting for photography. I only wanted to get a few more photos of these cute Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels, success. If only the damn wind would stop blasting!

8 thoughts on “Calico Basin Cuties

  1. So happy to hear you got your first dose John! I received mine as well this week.
    Love these cuties you captured so well. Nothing like nature to bring a smile to our face.

    • Thank you x2, Derrick! The little ground squirrels are so much fun to watch as they scamper around my feet, grab a piece of food then run for cover under the bushes. I had a headache and felt very tired last night but feel much better today. There’s a nice sore spot where the needle went in, ouch!

    • Hi Lavinia, they are so cute! This bird was VERY wary. It wouldn’t approach where I’d tossed the morsels out, so I tossed a few more further out. Bingo, but the photos aren’t as focused as I’d like. The squirrels came out after the extra food was tossed. The darn wind was blowing the seeds around.

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