16 thoughts on “You Are Not Wanted Here!

  1. Oh my! I guess this is one of the not so great things about living somewhere warm. These critters could never survive our endless winters.

    • I have too agree, Derrick. I’ve come across posts that I just can’t tap that button. These things are nasty, can send you to the hospital. The smaller they are, the more toxic the venom.

  2. I have been using a plug in pest repellent which really seems to help. I think cats can kill those without getting stung. Maybe you should get a cat.

    • I’ve not heard of a plug-in pest repellent. Nope, no pets. They don’t work with my lifestyle these days…

    • Oh yes, so nice. Like the drought too, I hope the rains will replenish our Lake Mead. I’ve not been stung by these critters, hope to keep it that way!

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