Just A Bit More Cuteness

Here are the last of the photos that were taken yesterday in a very windy, blustery Calico Basin. And what do I see when I woke up before the sun today? My palm trees swaying like crazy people outside. Damn, another windy day? I don’t mind the winter windstorms, but they can get annoying. Mostly sunny and 68 is forecast for today.

8 thoughts on “Just A Bit More Cuteness

  1. John, these are such wonderful moments and photos. They made me smile 🙂
    So beautiful, so enjoyable!!!

  2. These guys are so darling – like little chipmunks. The sparrow is sweet too. That’s the kind of sparrow we saw on one of our snowbird trips through California, and I remember thinking how wonderful it was to see a songbird in December when we had snow at home.

    • Thanks so much, Anneli! There seems to be a very fine line delineating these squirrels from chipmunks but they do look just a bit different. It’s so amazing and fun watching them scurry about at my feet to get as much food as they can. There was a California Quail there, a squirrel ran right under the bird, causing it to fly upwards, funny!

      • I guess these animals and birds get used to each other and they get to know which ones are safe to be around. I love seeing quail too, so I’m glad they get along.

        • They do seem to know each other, the quail didn’t fly off more than about two feet. The bird was so pretty, and very wary too. Trust nothing except squirrels! ❤️

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