Thank You For 200K

I want to say a warm thank you to each of my followers for this wonderful milestone for this simple photoblog, run by an amateur photographer who loves his photographic journey one day at a time. Thank you! I found the potatoes and chili iPhone photos on the phone, so why not add them in? Have a delicious day my friends.

13 thoughts on “Thank You For 200K

    • Thanks very much, Mike! It took five years to there, it’s been a great trip too. Your website is so amazing as is your knowledge of the United Kingdom. I want to visit someday. Be well and safe. 😎🇬🇧

    • Thank you again, Pooja! The chili was made yesterday, really good. Sometimes, I’ll add leftover fried taters intoo the chili, they seem to go well together. But the salt? Oh man does it push my blood pressure up! Thank God for medications to control it. 😂🌶

      • I usually pour the chili over taters and add some cheese on top. Salt isn’t great especially for people with high blood pressure but you have to enjoy yourself sometimes!

        • That’s a great way to eat them both! I use a salt substitute on most foods, but the real salt can’t be helped. BP medication to the rescue.

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