Loop Trip

During yet another trip to the pharmacy, I decided to go west just out of town for some random photos for the blog. It’s a beautiful day again but a bit cool. I forgot that it’s Saturday which means the recreation lands out there are stuffed full of people. I stopped at Moenkopi Road instead of going farther in.

So here they are, there is another set yet to be processed behind this one. On a different note, my doorbell camera recorded someone trying to enter my home last night around 2AM. I am going to take the video to my local police station on Monday morning.

I have a great video of this asshole to show the police, I hope that I can help the police catch this guy. Maybe he has prior arrests. The police are your friends, people, regardless of what the current crop of young hooligans say.

12 thoughts on “Loop Trip

    • Hi Kelly, thank you. I stopped by my local precinct, it’s oddly closed until Monday so I’ll stop in then. The home is armed every night. I hope you and yours are well. ❤️🇨🇦

    • Hi Anneli, that’s what my sister said. I think it’s too suspicious to not show the video to my local police come Monday. I’m going to ask my neighbors if they’ve had anything like this happen too. I couldn’t get back to sleep after seeing this video.

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