The Forecast

Nobody could complain about this forecast, could they? Certainly not me! Leaving the party store yesterday, I spotted yet another wasted face mask on the ground. Come on, Americans, you should do better than this. 😡

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6 thoughts on “The Forecast

  1. I don’t understand it. Some of the masks are not disposable, they’re made of sturdy cloth. This many people loose their masks daily? And why, why, why would anyone throw a disposable mask on the ground just anywhere? It’s beyond my comprehension.

    • I despise seeing them, they are going to be the next most littered thing directly behind cigarette butts. Nasty dirty people! 😡

    • It’s so stupid, isn’t it! How long will it take for the mask to catch up with the most littered item on the planet? Cigarette butts!

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