Don’t You Dare Include Me

This afternoon I was scanning through my Instagram account as usual. I came across a comment from a very public figure that I followed until today that insinuated that I and basically all white people are all guilty of helping to keep the racism against black people rolling. I am so offended by this person’s blatant lie.

Case in point – I went to Michigan public schools that had black students. My high school years were spent alongside young black men and women. In my neighborhood here in Las Vegas, we have a real mix of races. Black, white, and Asians all live in my neighborhood very peacefully, everyone gets along wonderfully!

Add to this the fact that I almost daily encounter very friendly black people around the city whom I treat no differently than anyone else, opening a door for him or her as an example as I do for anyone else. These people and the so-called news media in this country are a sack full of liars. Don’t you dare include me in your lies!

I was raised well by parents who have a great deal of morality in them. They taught myself and my sister to have respect for other people, period. We were not taught to hate people or treat others with violence and always be respectful both at work and while in public. Don’t you dare include me in your bullshit lies, stinking American media!

18 thoughts on “Don’t You Dare Include Me

    • Thanks for your thoughts my friend. That post on Instagram instantly pissed me off, I later went back to the account and reported it to whoever at Instagram. I want to see what these people have to say about this. The fact that Instagram is owned by the evil Facebook could seriously slant their response of course.

  1. I completely agree with you. I just wish that everyone could view people the same way. Our gender, colour of skin, or any other feature shouldn’t change the way that we are treated. It is so upsetting that not everyone can think like us.

    • Thank you for your comment, I agree. I just walked in the door from getting the mail a bit ago, my black neighbor was out front the house, hey how are ya! 😂

        • You betcha, I find these people despicable, perhaps even evil in some cases. People today have said that we shouldn’t talk about politics or religion. That sounds like something from the mouth of politicians who can’t get enough of controlling other people for their own agendas.

          • I think people should be able to discuss issues, but it’s important to respect another’s right to their own opinion. Sometimes that’s very hard to do.

  2. I think it’s important not to generalise things like racism because obviously not everyone is a racist just because they’re not a poc.

  3. Well put. Sadly these movements presume everyone outside of them is guilty. Here in the UK there was a gruesome murder a few weeks ago. A young lady was murdered on her way home by a police officer !! There has, quite rightly, been a huge outcry. However a campaign has been started calling for more safety for women. Great. A good thing. Nothing against that. However their placards and messages seem to assume that all men are potential rapists and attackers. Like you i was brought up by parents to respect everyone but i am getting a little fed up of being categorised. According to some if you dont join ” Black Lives Matter” you must be racist !! And like you we have a media that loves manipulating this sort of stuff.

    • Ian, that’s so disgusting! The police are supposed to be our defenders both here and in the United Kingdom. Look what is going on here the Floyd murder. You and I are not rapists or murders. I am sick to death of being categorised too. Black lives do matter, that has always been true and always will be. Why can’t these liberals and others who think this way understand that there are plenty of good people in this world still that carry no hate for other races? This is not what God intended for us. I’m never ashamed of my belief in God.

  4. Like you John, I was taught “character over color.” Now I’m a White Supremacist because I refuse to see and judge a person by the color of their skin. They want it both ways — and it will never work like that. NEVER!

    • You are so right, Tom, that will never happen. The race issue in our country is so out of control, and gladly helped along by the hard left liberal media thugs. This country needs a huge resurgence of Christianity if it is to survive.

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