Beautiful Birds and City Views

I’m slowly winding down the bird photos from the park the other day, the city views were taken today while I was in a not so busy area of the park where I could play around with the CB Radio equipment that I very rarely use. Actually, it’s more fun to use than the ham radio gear. I started my radio hobby in 1979 actually, which was my senior year in High School. I have another radio being delivered in a couple of days, it’s not a CB radio, rather it’s a ten-meter radio for the ten-meter ham radio band at 28.000 to 29.900mhz. Radio and photography, great hobbies!

26 thoughts on “Beautiful Birds and City Views

  1. These photos are little treasures John!!!
    Peacock is fantastic, the flying Canada goose is so beautiful. Love all photos very, very much!

  2. A fine set. When we moved to Newark, Nottinghamshire in 1987 my youngest son chose his bedroom based on the number of power points that were in it from the previous owner’s CB radio hobby.

    • Thank you, Derrick. The radio hobby has been with me through so much of my life, wives have come and gone but the hobby still remains!

    • Humans don’t connect to nature nearly enough today.

      I sent the link to your post from today, to Roadtirement in this comment thread. They were able to restore the Classic Editor tonight, thanks to you and the woman who left the comment. Thanks, Pooja! 😬❀️

      • I’m so glad it helped them and I hope it helps more people too! WP is being ridiculous bringing on these changes with no heads-up. In my opinion they’re trying to force people to upgrade their plans.

        • I completely agree on the upgrade, Pooja. Yes, I gained tons of storage space, but that can never change what these people are doing. Is it any wonder that Americans so detest corporate America today? In due time, this crap will force me off of WordPress.

          • Yeah it’s all about making money now. They really don’t care about their service. I am honestly getting pretty sick of it too.

            • The problem for me is that there are no other blog platforms available that have the community and friendship that WordPress has. Withouth this, much of the fun is taken away from blogging.

    • It’s a crap shoot, every time I visit, the types and number of birds is different. There were few ducks on this visit. Quack. πŸ˜‚

  3. Hey I got through! Don’t know if you saw my comment on Derrick’s golfer post, but I replied to your comment. Anyway, I don’t know if it is my end, but the last several posts of yours when I click on the email it goes to that “page not found” error. Anyway, good to see this post. I haven’t posted for a while, with the WP now I can’t find how to use the classic editor anymore. Maybe it’s gone to only the block thing. Not sure I want to mess with that at all.

    Sher and I got through the 2nd vaccination with mild side effects, and are now fully vaccinated. Gonna visit family in Ohio for Easter, then off to Texas for more family.

    • I’m glad your both done with the vaccine! Have a lovely trip. I have one more to go. I did take one, maybe two posts down recently as they weren’t getting any views. I read another blog today that is very unhappy with WP removing the Classic editor. They do NOT like the stupid Block thing.

      Funny that you mentioned this because I had a live chat with WP this afternoon about this subject.
      They basically in a nice way just blew me off. I told them that it is so wrong for them to make arbitrary changes to people’s blogs and not offer the option to keep the Classic Editor.

      They don’t really care. I am using the Business Plan, I was told today that since I have that plan, my plugin that gives me the Classic editor will not be removed. Gee, thanks. So comforting.

      I still think that WP is the best blog platform out there today, but I did mention to them that what they are doing to we ‘lowly’ bloggers is BAD BUSINESS. I hope you can sort this out. In the meantime, here’s a link to Pooja’s post where a follower had this to say:

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