California Quail, Mourning Dove and Squirrels

Yes, more cute critters in this post, the Mourning Dove was a surprise, I’ve not seen them in this area before. The quail tend to run away like a chicken with its head chopped off, zoom! Those landscape photos aren’t balanced right, too much blue but even pulling up the white level didn’t fix them. I tried! I have zero desire to go anywhere today, no plans. Supposedly, Las Vegas will hit 97F today but it’s only around 80 right now. Still too cold, LOL!!

Cuteness On My Shoes

Yesterday I got my fix of these darling little critters again at Calico Basin. Sometimes I wonder how these squirrels are doing when I’m at home, is that weird? This visit, I had less than a handful of peanuts for them, I should use seeds though. They were actually running across my shoes, then stop and sit up on their haunches to look up at me, so adorable! And so trusting too. Lots of birds came running too including two California Quail. The quail would snag a nut then very quickly run under a bush to eat its reward. These birds have a fun-sounding set of sounds.

Beautiful Sunshine

It’s back, those pesky clouds and low-pressure center have moved away to the east, returning our lovely sunshine to us. The horses seem to enjoy the sunshine too, those little cars are presumably loaded with tourists, I’ve seen the cars many times in this area, always following a lead car which is the van in one photo. The little birds are so cute but I don’t know which species they are. Up next are more photos of the cute Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels.

Vegas Geology

Today is wonderfully sunny and a warm wind is gently blowing through the valley. Another beautiful day for we Vegas locals, I had to pick up some pill refills once again from the pharmacy this morning, so I took full advantage of being out and about on such a beautiful day. I clicked 77 photos today, this is set number one. Do stick around!

Just A Slight Difference

Since I have nothing new to upload today, I simply stepped outside the house very early and snapped these photos with the iPhone. Photo one is via the photo app that comes with the phone, not bad at all. The second photo was taken with the Pro Camera application in its HDR mode.

Again not too bad, the faux grass is a slightly different shade but mostly the same as photo one. Photo three is from the standard phone application looking west. And photo four was taken with the Lenka black and white only application. Overall, the old iPhone still does a dandy job for me.

What are you up to today? I’ve two errands to take care of and that’s all she wrote. Another lovely day in the valley!

Thoughts on The Nord VPN

About two weeks ago, I installed the Nord VPN system on my MacBook, iMac, iPad, and iPhone. At this time I have no complaints whatsoever about the application. As promised by the company, the installation and setup process was almost too easy and the system just got to work right away.

I believe that most of, if not everyone that uses the internet today will agree that there are far too many sickos out there trying to steal your identity or commit any other evil deed that they can think of to hurt innocent people. Hence, the invention of the VPN system.

I do feel more secure while I’m online now, but also that none of us should drop our guard while online. It’s not unlike my being fully vaccinated yet I will continue to wear my mask and carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser while out and about. About the photos, this was yesterday morning at The Cracked Egg restaurant, delicious!