Another Chat With WordPress

Exchanging comments yesterday with a fellow blogger, I became annoyed again with how WordPress has forced that stupid block editor on its users and community, with no option to continue using the Classic editor. Below are my opening thoughts in the chat yesterday:

Thanks for your time. I have the Business Plan and am using the Classic Editor plugin. I have read so many blogs lately that talk about the changes made for them by WP, especially the block editor. Most people don’t like it including me. Why does WP feel that it’s OK to force these changes on blog owners? It’s not OK. Nobody really wants your new editor. And, will my plugin be taken away too, thereby forcing me to use the dumb block thing? This could force me off of WP.

The chat went on for about ten minutes, to make this long story short, I do not believe that WordPress truly gives a shit about their users, or customers if you prefer. The person on the other keyboard did a masterful job of smooth-talking with me and I just don’t buy it. Since I have the overpriced Business Plan, I still use the classic editor, but the cost to be able to retain such basic features is too much in my view. Shame on WordPress and its greedy business.

9 thoughts on “Another Chat With WordPress

  1. well said dear John, I think same as you… I had this problem too and I told them, without asking me please don’t make any change… I hope it makes them to understand. I hate to see some changes… Thank you, Love, nia

    • This serves no purpose. I am incredibly annoyed by the fact that certain people believe that they know what is best in the blogging and website world.

      That’s arrogant presumption. They must be liberal democraps who voted for Stumbling Joe who can’t get up the stairs to Air Force One without stumbling on the way…

  2. The new editor really sucks! I’ve been doing my posting for the past week with the new editor already, but I’m not paying $300 for a plug-in. They created an addictive program and now they are cashing in!… Sound familiar?

    • Familiar indeed, it’s called Corporate Greed. I’m sorry that you’ve treated so poorly too by these people. My chat with whoever at WP yesterday was fruitless… They just don’t give a damn and refuse to seriously listen to us.

  3. John, I am slowly adjusting to the block editor but I miss so much the classic editor. By the way, the new block editor is missing some nice features the classic editor had.

    • I have heard that here and there across other blogs that this blockhead thing is missing features and still functions poorly. You can have the Classic editor back if you cough up $300 bucks for the Business plan. And how greedy is this? WordPress likes to abuse it’s users!

  4. I have been using WordPress since 2007 and do not like the block editor. For the most part, I’ve learned to work with it. I use the classic editor when writing copy.
    I had the overpriced Business Plan for a while, but because of several issues, which I won’t go into at this time, I went back to the Premium Plan. The WordPress support is terrible, although somewhat better if you have the Business Plan. I give them a D-.

    • Thanks for your comment, Kenne. You are right about the support, I see a slight difference from before the Business plan and now. I just can’t understand why these people believe that they have the right to force these arbitrary changes on WP users. I’ve also been told by them that this keeps them up to date with changing technology. Bullshit. Just because you can do something does not mean that you should.

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