The Mule

A new joyride was due on this beautiful day so off I went, making a stop at the local park. Seeing a horse trailer at the end of the dirt lot, I slowly walked that way. Looking at this animal, I knew it was a little different, not a true horse. The nice lady owner walked over to me and asked if I had taken photos.

I said yes, just three but I forgot to ask permission first. She said it’s OK. We had a quick chat, she asked me if I knew the difference between a horse, donkey, and mule. Not really since I’m not an equine lover but they are beautiful animals. She gave me a quick education on the differences.

Now I know why I was immediately suspicious of this different-looking ‘horse’! Being in the darkness under the steel roof, I had difficulty getting the 24/70 lens to focus which is weird as this lens is so easy to shoot with. At least one photo is well focused. The park was packed, I am amazed at how few people were wearing masks.

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