Recycled Aluminum

Here are some nice photos of aircraft on approach to our Las Vegas McCarran International Airport about two years ago. I have lightened each photo up quite a bit, the Whites needed to be turned up a good bit so that they aren’t smothered in blues. Recycled aluminum, right? I’m excited about flying again soon and seeing my family. ❤️

10 thoughts on “Recycled Aluminum

    • Thank you, the photo was taken standing near Eastern Avenue looking northwest with foothills beyond. 🌴

    • Thank you, I do too. It’s amazing when they pass right over my head on approach, you can see into the wheel wells and sometimes the fire in the engine as it descends. Not that the engine is on fire of course.

    • Than you, Derrick! The Las Vegas Strip is right next to the airport. This is a great place to live except for the traffic and bad drivers…

  1. John, I never was able to capture nicely the flying airplanes, no matter how hard I tried.
    The first photograph is stunning and breathtaking!

    • Thank you so much, Kaya! I have a favorite location I shoot from, the aircraft pass directly over my head around 150 feet or so above. The sounds, the smell of burnt fuel, love it! I should go back there.

    • Yes! I love to fly, so many intersting aspects. The views, the photos and sounds. The physics. 😎

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