I Finally Got My Yearbook

Forty-two years after accepting my High School diploma which is locked up in a safe these days, I finally received my 1979 yearbook. Whether I lost the original book or never purchased one I have no clue. Hey, this was 42 years ago so don’t judge me. Those high school days were so incredibly wonderful, I want to go back in time.

You may also want to do this! This yearbook is actually a reprint from a company that has been keeping these records for many decades. Regardless, I have flipped the pages for a short time tonight but already remember so many people and fun times. Why can’t we go back in time and relive some of the best days of our lives?

I am such a handsome dude!

31 thoughts on “I Finally Got My Yearbook

  1. Ohh John..Thanks a lot for sharing all those with us..It’s truly marvellous..
    Memories back, isn’t?

      • This thread prompted an urge to research this subject a bit. Apparently, something like yearbooks have been around since the 17th century – then in the form of scrapbooks that held mementos and signatures of classmates. But what we think of as a yearbook arrived in the US in the early 19th century. The photo-centric format came on the scene in the 1870s.

        Quick personal anecdote: I was working in Georgia in 1974; visited a vintage store; saw a 1928 yearbook from a local college (Oxford College of Emory University); bought it for $3.00. It was fascinating to see the photos of that time. Wish I still had it, but it too was lost in that fire.

        • I’m sorry you lost that book to fire, a piece of American history. Thanks for the information! 🌞

    • I like the girl’s hair style, it looks somewhat like this today. Some of the clothes in the book would fit in today in my view. My hair was once shoulder length, today it’s 98% gone. πŸ˜‚

      • I didn’t mean that one particular girl. Wouldn’t hurt someone’s feelings like that. I only meant that I noticed this from looking back in my own annual. My own hairdo was freaky then, and so were most of my friends’ hairstyles. And yes, isn’t it funny how hair disappears? The Captain says, “God only made so many beautiful heads. On all the rest, he put hair.”

    • Thanks. I really don’t remember if I had the book and lost it or never purchased one. The image quality was not so good in those days, wow. Looking through the hundreds of photos it’s obvious.

    • Yes, and that wonderful hair too! It’s cruel how we lose the hair… At one point the hair was shoulder length. I was a long-haired leaping gnome in those days, flying through the air with a bong in hand! πŸ˜‚

  2. My senior annual was ruined in a basement flood. I’ve been tempted to buy the reprint from the company you mention. One thing that amazes me is the old annuals I do have still have that smell they have when brand new. You know the smell I mention!

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