Lunch With Out Of Town Friends

Today I met with some online friends who used to blog here on WordPress and used Instagram too. We have known each other via the web for three years now. Since they were in town we met up at a fun restaurant next door to the world-famous Pawn Stars shop, the same one you see on the television.

This restaurant is owned by Rick Harrison who owns the pawnshop. The food there is absolutely delicious! We three had a nice chat about many things including WordPress. The other photos were taken on the way home from lunch. Today is so beautiful, sunshine and 85 perfect degrees.

I have several more photos from today to share, please stick around!

14 thoughts on “Lunch With Out Of Town Friends

  1. Great photos. I especially like the cowboy neon sign. I’m a sucker for that stuff. Would like to visit the neon sign museum/graveyard there in LV someday.

    • Thanks, Ed. I think that’s your name. I drove past that place yesterday, they have so much history!

          • Oh, no; no joke. I have been called John Ed by many. I have a friend now who always calls me John Edward. My dad’s name was John Thomas, and he went by John (except some family who still called him Junior). I went by Eddie most of my childhood; and some friends and family still call me Eddie.

            • That’s so cool! I am number three with the same name. My dad’s dad passed in 1979, grammy in ’93. My dad is 93 this month.

              • Awesome. I hope to make it to 93! My dad passed in ’87 at the age of 65, and my mom in ’89 at the age of 67. I just turned 65 last November, and as far as I know I am going strong. 🙂

    • Yes, they are the second couple I have met via WP, the first are from Edmonton, Alberta. Vegas is the meeting place!

    • Do visit this restaurant next door to the pawn shop. The food is so good, you can’t be disappointed!

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