Another Beautiful Sunset

Last night’s sunset did not disappoint! So many lovely colors, I did as little processing as possible on these photos.

20 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Sunset

  1. Thanks so much, John, for sharing this fantastic sunset. The big sky, mountain and palm tree silhouettes, and dreamy colors are soothing.

  2. If I were you I would make a big print of the photograph I like the most ( my favorite is the second photo), framed it and hang it on the wall.
    John, these photos are exquisite!!!

    • Kaya, thank you so much! I truly appreciate your kindness my friend.

      To print well, they need to be 20+ megabytes, I don’t know the full size of the original but I retain every photo I take in my Dropbox account and on an external drive.

    • Good morning, Anneli, thank you so much. All I need are a few clouds up there to create some great looking colors. Or colours, right? hehe… โค๏ธ

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