Swirling Light

Bored this afternoon, I snapped a photo of the dining room light over the table and processed the crap out of it. I used iColorama, Aurora HDR, and Photoscape X which are my usual workhorses. Meanwhile, the strong winds have returned since around ten this morning but still such a beautiful spring day in the valley with sunshine and 85 delightful degrees. And before ya know it, it’ll be 115 degrees again. I hope the heat is less intense than last summer.

12 thoughts on “Swirling Light

    • Hi Sue! Thanks so much, it has groovy tones. I met another couple I know from online here a couple of days ago on the Strip. This is becoming a thing, eh! 😎

    • Thanks, Derrick! No crap was seen in the production of this image. I’m guessing this is a term not used there.

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