A Short Visit to The Park

It is so beautiful outside today that I decided to head back to the park for some bird photos again. I was a bit disappointed though as there weren’t many birds there in terms of species, mostly ducks, geese, and plenty of coots. The turtles were a nice surprise though, I thought they were Snapping turtles but they look more like Painted turtles basking in the warm noon sunshine. My sister and I had turtles as pets when we were children.

15 thoughts on “A Short Visit to The Park

    • Hi Mike, this park is called Floyd Lamb Park, at Tule Springs so it does have some natural ground water in these ponds. It’s a county park so it may have water added to it from Lake Mead, the lake that Hoover Dam created.

    • Hi Kelly, the HDR app enhances the water color a bit too much but I still used that setting. It’s not clear, kind of grungy like a wild pond in the woods. You are welcome! ❤️

      • I was thinking it because of the fresh spring green leaves reflecting. Our leaves haven’t started blooming yet, a few more weeks and I’ll see green like that in the trees, maybe reflect in the water.

        • The trees are blooming on time this year, nice and thick and green. The climate here apparently puts the trees in bloom sooner than up north.

            • Each July, I have the two Mexican Fan Palms in the backyard pruned as they always grow one frond that has white flowers on it which the bees love, and tons of seeds. If they aren’t cut off, you get tiny palm trees trying to grow which is a pain to find them and pull them up!

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