Mixed Photos

Here is a mix of my stuff and not my stuff. Do you think the DHL driver was fired for his miscalculation? That’s a whopper of a screwup! The sunset photo from the other night that’s not cartooned is actually straight out of the Nikon, with no processing except for the file size reduction.

The photo that has Fremont Street in it was taken on the way to lunch a couple of days ago. Fremont Street looked pretty darn busy in there. Very early this morning I had a phone chat with my dad to see if he’s back in Michigan safely, yes indeed. What is it like to fly during Covid days?

This has me wondering if I can make the journey up there next month after I receive the second Pfizer vaccine injection. He was not asked for his proof of vaccination card, I thought it would have to be shown to board the aircraft but everyone has to wear a mask the entire flight. How uncomfortable this must be, right?

4 thoughts on “Mixed Photos

  1. I’m not sure they have the rule of showing your Covid Vaccine Card in place yet for traveling. I think they are still working it out.

    • I assumed that this was mandatory, but I think this is a solid idea at this time. Sorry for delayed reply.

  2. Oh dear to the poor driver who thought he might fit under there. a big OOOPS!

    My understanding from the US CDC is that once you are fully vaccinated and two weeks later you are able to fly. I guess it comes down to risk tolerance. The US is so far ahead of Canada in vaccinations. We are ramping up into a third wave here.
    Take care John and glad to hear you may able to soon be with your family.

    • Thanks, I had to post that van photo having drove so much since 1977. Some folks apparently can’t judge distances very well, or read road signs. That sign is in meters, but I still know the clearance! I am going to call the travel agency I always use, this morning to see if they are still open, sure hope so. I wonder if I can get a flight to Michigan!

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