14 thoughts on “Preening And Swimming

    • I’m glad that you like them, Anneli. I have a few more coming up too. I’m concerned about my grammar now. 😂

      • Oh no, John. That was not my intention. I’m talking about people who are paid BIG money to publish their news reports. They should know how to use proper grammar. For bloggers, we all try our best and we aren’t trying to sell our posts to the public. It’s just informal conversation here. Please don’t worry about it.

        • OK, Actually, I was kidding, Anneli, sorry. I totally agree, these folks should know how to use our language in a professional manner. I still use the free version of Grammarly I think it’s called. They keep trying to have me upgrade to a pro version. I don’t think its worth it, this is a meager little blog among millions of blogs these days.

          • I wouldn’t bother to upgrade, but I think it’s a good place to start getting some help if you want it for your everyday grammar usage. It’s great that you’ve searched it out and started using it on your own initiative.

            • Thanks, Anneli. I did so because of reading your other blog, actually. You are a positive influence. 🤷‍♂️😊

                • I mean that in a positive light, and you are not a nit-picker as I would say, not at all. I have come across so many different WP blogs when looking for something else in a search, some are not so pleasant but most are very good.

                  • I think we can all learn something from other people’s blog posts, and I agree, I want to try to be polite about it when I tell my followers about something I find frustrating.

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